Mother of Two at CDP

My children love their teachers at CDP!  We have had so many fun experiences and I know they are getting the best of everything.  I am always so amazed at the things they have learned at school and how much fun they have everyday.  I couldn't imagine taking my children anywhere else - we love CDP!

Mother of Two at CDP

The Center Director deserves recognition! She always helps me when I need administrative things (copy of bill, email pictures, etc) and she is always helping out with the kids in the morning and will step right in if drop off isn't going well!

Connor’s Mother

The infant teacher is every Mom's ideal care provider. She makes it easier to leave your baby everyday because you know he is in great hands. She loves your child almost as much as her own. She will always take time at the end of the day to talk about what kind of day Connor had and 'trouble shoot' when he's not acting like himself.

Michael’s Mother

Ms. Linzy is a super teacher! She is very patient and handles herself in a professional manner. Michael really enjoys interacting with her on a daily basis. The thing I like the most is when she greets us in the evening, she is always so diplomatic about Michael's day when he was not at his best. She doesn't make it sound worse than it was and does not take his bad days personally or single him out and come at us as soon as we walk in the door. GREAT JOB Ms. Linzy! Keep up the good work!

Infant Parents

My daughters infant teacher is fantastic. She never has a negative thing to say and always keeps on a smile. She was great taking care of our daughter and still keeps up on her development even though she has moved to the next classroom. She is a genuine, kind person and the children seem to cling to her positive and loving personality. We think she is an exceptional teacher!

Toddler Parents

My son loves spending time with Ms. Brandee and so do we. She is an honest, hardworking teacher. She is always keeping busy but takes time to update you on your child's development. Ms. Brandee loves children and it shows in her everyday life. She seems to help in any classroom, drive the van, clean/sanitize rooms and do anything to make CDP a place you are proud to send your children. We appreciate Ms. Brandee and all that she does!

Mother of Twins

Our teacher always has a nice comment to say when you arrive with your children. She is warm and smiley with the little ones. What is really great about her is that every morning is like she hasn't seen the kids for a while, she is so enthusiastic and happy to say good morning to them that really takes any grumpiness off the children. She is always with the attitude to help you in every way she can, she is supportive and with a big smile!

Jackson’s Mother

Since the first day I met my child's teacher I felt her absolute genuineness. I have come into her classroom several times through out the day and she addresses the kids with structure, fun and love. Jackson loves her and adores going to school to spend time with her. She spends time talking to me about Jack's day and makes me feel very secure about the environment he is in. She has a gift, a gift with children, a gift of patience and guidance and I feel like I can get parenting advice from her!

Colleen’s Mother

The teachers are always encouraging the kids to be engaged in the task at hand whether it be getting breakfast or listening to a story. They are the BEST at calming a child when they are having a bad day and absolutely beyond patient! Colleen loves her teachers and enjoys being in her class.

Ava’s Mother

When our daughter was born we were fortunate to have many offers for free child care but my husband and I were set on CDP, at any cost, because of the care we knew she would get from Ms. Becky. Ms. Becky is patient, loving and knowledgeable. She's pleasant ALWAYS and knows exactly what to say to calm a panicked first time mom. Ava's my entire world and I don't think twice about leaving her with Ms. Becky ever. It's a tremendous comfort to know I can leave my child with someone who loves her almost as much as I do.

Ryan’s Mother

Brandee makes me feel like Ryan is the only child in his class although this couldn't be further from the truth. Brandee always takes a moment to share something that occurred in Ryan's day or an activity he particularly enjoyed. It really is the little things that make such a difference. I feel so comfortable having Ryan in Brandee's class. As a first time parent I really appreciate having someone so caring and with such experience in child development. Brandee is a great resource for a parent too! I appreciate her much!

Addison’s Mother

One of the most difficult things I had to do as a new mother was drop of Addison at daycare to go back to work. It only took a few visits to feel rest assured that she was in good hands. Both Ms. Becky and Ms. Valeri have provided great care to Addy. She seems to respond well to both of them and they really have taken the time to get to know Addison as an individual and how to care for her. I feel relaxed knowing Addy is with two teachers that are focused on her well being, good sleeping habits, eating and activities.

We've seen great strides in Addison's activity level and capabilities and I know she is learning in a great environment due to the professionalism and knowledge of these teachers. Addison is moving to Infant 2 soon and I am grateful she will have teachers nearby that know her well and can help with the transition. Kudos...

Mother of School-Age Student

Our son graduated from the CDP Pre-k program and was so well prepared for Kindergarten that his teacher asked where he went to preschool! Our son had so much fun at Children's Discovery Place in every classroom and we are so thankful that he received such an outstanding education, in such a loving environment, that we recommend CDP to all of our friends and neighbors! Thanks CDP!